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After coming in as the proud 2nd Runner-up in BBQ Pitmasters, season 4 Lannae once again made it to the 2015 season 7 final round and a chance at the $50,000.00 price money But once again it just was not to be. I think Lannae got robed. Coming in 2nd overall again. Rod and Sheri Gray of Pellet Envy taking home the $50,000.00 prize money along with the title of Kingsford BBQ Pitmasters Grand Champion.

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BBQ in the Northwest Radio

Join hosts and BBQPitmasters Jesse Henry of Movin the Chains BBQ and Paul Wieler of Smokin in Suburbia for an in depth look at contests, events and teams around the Pacific Northwest.


The Gold Bar-BQ team left to right

(Are Valvas, Gill Ruiz & Bob Beeman)



Click link to interview New Pork and Beef Labels

Properly storing your smoking woods is importation

Now that you have purchased your Premium Quality Fruity Wood Chunks or chips, it is VERY important to store them so that they stay fresh.

We recommend storing them in a refrigerator. The temperature, (under 40*) as well as slight humidity, will keep your wood fresh for up to 6 months.

 If you don’t have a refrigerator, you can store them in an air tight container and place them in the freezer. This is the ONLY time that we will tell you to put them into and air tight container. If the container is not air tight, he wood will act like a piece of meat. It will dry out from the cold and air. (freezer burnt)

Natural thermal temperatures works well too. If you have a shed, barn or any other out building with a dirt surface this will work well for you. Purchase a 5 gallon bucket with a lid. Dig a hole large enough for the 5 gallon bucket to fit into. Be sure to allow for 1-2 inches extra on the depth. Place the bucket in the hole. Back fill around the outside of the bucket. You may want to use some water to get the ground around the bucket compacted again. Place the Fruity Wood Chunks in a one of our burlap bags. Place the bag into the buried bucket. Place the lid on the bucket but do not allow the lid to snap shut. (VERY INPORTANT TO ALLOW WOOD TO BREATH) Place a piece of plywood over the bucket and lightly cover with 1-2 inches of dirt. The grounds natural thermal temperature of 64* will keep your wood fresh for about 3 months. When you need some wood lift up the plywood, remove the bucket lid and pull out the burlap bag of Fruity Wood Chunks.

 We do not recommend storing them in your house or where the temperature is a constant 72* and dry. This will shorten the woods life to about 30 days MAX.

A cool dark damp place is best, but remember to allow the wood to breath or it may mold up on you.

If molding occurs we recommend disposing of the wood. Attempting to scrub off the mold is not recommended.

Did you know that Americans prepare about 3 BILLION meals on grills each year?

Getting to Know Ribs

Barbecuing Ribs
To barbecue means to cook slowly over low, indirect heat - as opposed to grilling, which is to cook quickly over high heat. Ribs need that long, slow cooking to create the tenderness and flavor that people crave.

Pork Spare Ribs
Spare ribs come from the belly of the hog, as does bacon. They are very meaty and tend to have more fat and flavor than back ribs. Because they are also somewhat less tender, spare ribs are sometimes parboiled before grilling to maximize tenderness.

Pork Loin Back Ribs
Also known as baby back ribs, these come from the loin of the hog and usually will have 8 to 14 ribs per slab. The meat on back ribs is relatively lean and more tender than spareribs. Because of their smaller size, back ribs cook faster than spareribs.

Pork Country-Style Ribs
Country-style ribs are cut from the blade end of the loin, close to the pork shoulder. They are meatier than other rib cuts and are available either bone-in or boneless. They don’t contain rib bones, so technically they aren’t truly ribs. But they’re delicious nonetheless.

Beef Back Ribs
Although not as widely popular as pork ribs, these are tender and flavorful when cooked long and slow with low, indirect heat. They are favored in Texas, where they’re coated with a spice rub and smoked for several hours, then served with barbecue sauce.

Barbecue and Grilling Recipe of the Week
Sign up here to get a great Barbecue & Grilling Recipe in your inbox every week. This is a great way to try new recipes and expand your outdoor cooking experience. Whether it's a new way to grill a steak, the perfect barbecue sauce or and ultimate marinade, these recipes will keep you over the fire all year long.




Instructional Videos Get inspired to grill! Champion pitmaster Chris Lilly provides a full curriculum of grilling tips and tricks.

BBQ Central Podcast Competition Chicken This is a 3 part Podcast. Go to Podcasts on this page.

Try Competition Charcoal
Kingsford has introduced a new line of charcoal which will be available starting January. The product is in briquette form, being made from lump hardwood and then compressed in a briquette with an organic flavorless binder. with a nice hardwood aroma as it burns. The first batches will be at the Home Depot stores after New Years Day. You can listen to the BBQ Central Podcast interview with Chris Lilly on this page in the Podcast section.

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