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The picture of my cooking grate with the rib rack filled with four full racks of SL cut ribs and the sides filled with the trimmings, illustrates how much meat you can get on the top rack of a 22.5.
While it cooked great in my opinion I am not enthused with the notion of using a rib rack in competition. For feeding the neighbors it worked well but it would be easier to get consistent bark and color if all ribs were flat on the grate w/o touching or interfering with how you sptriz or mop.

My next ribs I will do flat and test my theory but I'd like to know other people's experience with the rib rack. This is the first time I've used one.

I am so excited about the WSM 22.5 I can't wait for the next competition. In the meantime Im going to be cooking for the neighborhood all the competition categories using recepies that I will use in competition to get some more experience.

Let m e know what you think.


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Comment by Brian Moriarty on February 10, 2009 at 8:31am
My drum smokers have 22.5" grates, but I'm cooking direct with them, so I like to use a rib rack to start with, then I'll foil and lay them flat. So, I know how you feel about having all that space, compared to cooking on the 18" WSM. I didn't care for the small Weber rack, I see they now have a larger one, similar to the Stainless steel Raichlen racks, they sit about an inch off the grate and are heavy duty.



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