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Comment by Brian Moriarty on February 18, 2009 at 8:08pm
Hi Joe! Yeah you right! The sheet metal is kinda flimsy. I had been experimenting with a couple different Mojo marinades with chicken and pork and cooking them with smoke and just wasn't getting what the buzz everyone talked about. But when I injected some butts and picnics and roasted them in the box, they turned out fantastic! The absence of the smoke brought out all the flavors of the Mojo! I have a homemade smoke generator that burns pellets I plan to add to the box- its similat to the Smoke Pistol La Caja sells. Also have a rotisserrie to hook up to it for show! Its a fuel hog fer sure, so I want to capitalize on the heat.
Have you taken a look at any of the Cajun Microwaves? Some of them look fancy and $pendy!
Comment by Joe Abad on February 17, 2009 at 10:11pm
Aloha Brian...I also have one of these in my "stable" and I have done turkeys, chickens, pork shoulder/butts and beef roasts but no whole hogs. I like it but it is too small to do a whole 125 lb hog... The sheet metal components are very thin and I am planning to have thicker ones made.

Take care...joe


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