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I have a few I frequent that relate to the different cookers I use like the eggheadforum, TVWBB, Big Drum Smokers, La Caja China and Cookshack but the BBQ-Brethren is my favorite Q hangout.

How about yours?

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I have been to all the site you had listed except for The Q Joint. What a nice site.
I started the CBBQA Forum it is Ok
I enjoy the Brethren and AZ Barbeque for just enjoying being with the cooks
The smoke ring.
Add a hyperlink to you post.
I like this keep it going. link the sites address you are talking about along with your post . Click on the chain in the "Reply to this" box and enter the address in the pop up window.
Soon we will start a members favorite links tab.
For those of you that may have an old clay Japanese Kamado from back in the 60's - 70's, here is the Imperial Kamado site with links on the history, vintage pics and repair and rejuvenation tips and parts for the Original!
Here is for all you that aspire to become a Drumhead!

Big Drum Smokers!

Take a look at the various cook pics Rocky has taken, I can smell it now!
I have a couple of old school BDS

This is a photo of Russ from Eat Crow BBQ Team. He is a egghead and just wes not sure what to do with Brian's BDS. (Alki Beach 2007)
Those are BDS clones, or commonly known as the Ugly Drum Smokers! But after checking out the BDS cook pics and following the forum before it was shut down to lurkers and reading the Danny Gaulden review (with specs) I had to try them-and I'm hooked!

I got to meet Bubba and Jeff at the 2008 Jack Daniels Invitationals, they won First Place for Brisket and finished Tenth Overall and were the 2007 American Royal Open GC's. Jeff also cooks solo as the KC Can Crew. Their drums are ugly as hell and they use a smaller charcoal basket than the BDS's.
Here are Bubba and Jeff at the Jack 2008
Yea you gots to hide them BDS smokers
always somebody in the crowd that thinks your burning trash

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