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I cooked two spatchcocked chickens yesterday on my 22.5. My goal was to try two different techniques which would help me try to correct my shortcomings reflected in judges comments re my chicken submitted at last years Alki Beach competition. They liked my flavor, moisture and flesh but did not like my "rubbery" skin.

I basically rubbed them the same but cooked them at a much higher temp. Last year at Alki I did 225 degrees for 4 hours and yesterday I did 325 degrees for one hour and 45 minutes.

My results were about the same. Excellent flesh, good flavor but the skin was not chrispy. I guess I have no recourse but to crisp the skin over a grill for a few minutes immediately prior to serving. That is what I'll try next year.

Yesterday afternoon was cold and windy (32 degrees and perhaps 15 mph wind and snowing most of the time). I used a dry water pan and the top cooking grate. One chimney of Wicked Lump and one chimney of hot K. The WSM performed very well with temp control and fire. I have no problems with that.

As an aside, I've designed a cart for my 22.5 that I intend to build soon and will submit pictures of it when finished.

Looking forward to better BBQ weather. This winter is getting to me.


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Great report Lou. Do you have and or do you know if the Weber 22.5" Rotissire Ring will fit onto the 22.5" Bullet?
I don't have a rotissire ring nor do I know if one will fit. I hope so because that would be a neat feature with which one could get perfect uniformity of cook. You might look at the "Smoke Ring" because I've read chat on that forum about .this subject.
The allusive crispy chicken skin.
Try removing your water pan all together from your WSM when cooking your chicken keeping the chicken on the top rack. Keep the WSM in the 325 to 350F range. Your time of 1.75 to two hours sound right. Have you listen to the three part “Chicken Round Table” Podcast listed on the home page? It has some very good insight.
I agree this winter is getting to me.
Thanks Bob. I will try no pan at all and 325-350. I would assume this might work best on top cooking grate?
Yes Lou,
If you stay on the top cooking grate you will not have to worry about flame up from the dripping of the chicken fat. It will flame up but the flames will not reach the chicken.
You might try some chicken without the waterpan in the WSM.
Thanks Brian and Bob as well. I will do chicken without the water pan next time and see if that does what I'm trying to accomplish. I also need to try it with thighs instead of spachcocked whole chicken. I really like the appearance of a whole chicken off the smoker and we actually eat a lot of them.
Guests are really impressed with it also.

Cooking without the water pan must give you higher temps easier also doesn't it?

Dave, yes the Weber 22.5" Rotissire Ring will fit onto the 22.5" Bullet. Check out my video of it here:

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