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Hope everyone is well and survived the Thanksgiving weekend!

I didn't do any cookin', was playing my pity card with my left arm in a sling after having arthroscopic surgery to repair a torn labrum and rotator cuff in the shoulder. Been in a funk since the injury and haven't done any low n' slow in over a month. Occasionally firin' up the gasser and grillin' a bit. But today (Wednesday 12/2) was nice and sunny, even if it was cold, I cleaned out the Egg and hooked up the Guru to a 13 lb. Apple juice/Maple syrup brined turkey that soaked for 24 hrs, rinsed and air dried in the refer, rubbed with Dizzy Pig "Raging River" then cooked at 325* with apple for smoke for 2.5 hrs. I think I just snapped outta my funk!

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