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If you have artwork, they do great work, I've seen some on another site and they looked very nice, I got a 3x6 and a 2x8 for $35! I'm very happy with mine, I just played around with their templates and they turned out pretty good. Act fast the offer ends soon.

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I got a 3x6 made from these guys,it turned out great..Highly recommend this outfit.My banner was free Just pay a kindof high shipping rate it was still less than 35.00. Good qualiity
That's where they get you, on the shipping, but if you went for the buy one get one free, they ship both in one box. I wish I had artwork, some of the others I've seen looked very nice. It is too good to be true! Glad you were able to score one!
I just got an E-mail from Build-A-Sign and they are offering this same deal once again. You just can't beat the price!

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