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Central Market Shoreline Backyard BBQ Cookoff Saturday 6-20

I know this hasn't gotten any press and its kind of word of mouth, but I signed up for this and got my Food Handlers permit at the same time! Salmon 11 AM, Ribs 1 PM and Brisket 3 PM.
C'mon down and say HI! I know Kevin and Wayne from Shots Fired are there. I stopped by after work the last couple years and it looked like a lot of fun! Wish me luck!

Midnight Ramblers BBQ

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This should be fun. One of these days I am going to cook Central Market. But a paying catering job for whole hog & brisket came up and right now I need anything that pays. Have fun my friend.
Came in 4th overall. 2nd Place Ribs! Nice little contest, the Health Dept. rules had me worried, but it was laid back. They said in 6 years I was the only team that cooked it solo. Heavy emphasis on "fine dining" presentation and that's not my forte. Nice prizes for the GC and RGC, plus the Best Booth won a Lil Tex Traeger! I got a heavy gift basket of BBQ "stuff" and a gift card. Put this one on your list for next year!

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