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You ever asked yourself just what do they mean about your favorite style of barbecue...

You ever asked yourself just what do they mean about your favorite style of barbecue and just what are all the styles of barbecue anyway? Well I came across this site from Denver that is doing a nice job at helping Colorado BBQ Joints promote their business. Check them out. Below is a link & list of BBQ Styles from their site.

BBQ Styles:

Alabama -vinegar and pepper base in the northern counties; tomato/ketchup base with Mediterranean influences in the Birmingham area; sharper, unsweetened tomato/vinegar blend in the western counties around Tuscaloosa; mustard-based in the Chattahoochee River valley in the eastern part of the state; a special white mayonnaise and black pepper-based sauce is used on chicken in the area around Decatur

Arizona - The barbecue sauce used in Arizona is tomato-based, as are all western states

Arkansas – thin vinegar and tomato base, spiced with pepper and slightly sweetened by molasses

Colorado – Thunderbird BBQ

Georgia – much of the state favors a ketchup base flavored with garlic, onion, black pepper, brown sugar, and occasionally bourbon; South Carolina-like mustard sauce found in areas around Savannah and Columbus

Hawaii - Meats are glazed with a honey type sauce

Kansas City – thick, reddish-brown, tomato-based with molasses

Kentucky - Vinegar and tomato based sauce with a mixture of spice and sweet

Louisiana - Usually served with a Cajun/Creole flavored sauce

Memphis - Memphis sauces occupy the middle ground between other styles. Based on tomatoes, vinegar, brown sugar and spices and moderately thick, these blends provide moderate amounts of sweetness, heat, and tang, with a lot of flavor

Missouri - Tomato based sauce

Mississippi - thin vinegar-based sauce, often without any tomato at all

Nevada - The sauce is vinegar based

North Carolina – three major types corresponding to region: Eastern (vinegar with pepper flakes), Piedmont (tomato-based with vinegar), and Western (tomato-based and thicker)

Oklahoma - the sweet spicy sauce typical of Kansas City

St. Louis – generally tomato-based, thinned with vinegar, sweet and spicy; it is not as sweet and thick as Kansas City-style barbecue sauce, nor as spicy-hot and thin as Texas-style

South Carolina is known for its tangy mustard barbecue sauce made of cider vinegar, yellow mustard, brown sugar and spices. mustard-based (central, Low Country regions of state), vinegar and black pepper (Pee Dee region), light or thick tomato (Upstate region) The "pure" (vinegary) Carolina sauce, merged with "redder, sweeter sauces," is the base for the standard Alabama, Georgia, Florida, and Mississippi styles of barbecue sauce

Texas – tomato-based with hot chiles, cumin, less sweet

Virginia - vinegar-based and tomato-based vinegary sauces

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