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Carolina Pepper All Purpose Sauce
I won a bottle of Carolina Pepper All Purpose Sauce from Blue’s BBQ, Inc. out of Concord, NC on the Barbecue Central Internet Radio Show a couple of weeks back. This past Sunday we tried it on a pork butt. I am not all the familiar with the “Carolina style” of sauces so I don’t have a lot to compare it to. I would say that I found nothing that I did not like about it. It was a very nice change from the sweeter tomato based sauce that I use. It did have what I would say was a perfect balance between sweet vinegary and the pepper gave it a pop that I like. For people that say they do not like a sweet sauce I believe they would enjoy Carolina Pepper BBQ Sauce. All in all Dawn & I liked it.

Thank you fro the sauce,
Gold Bar-B-Q

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