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Apple Creek Timber Inc Smoke cook training

Team "Smoke-N-Spice" members, Dan Stevens, Kevin and Gina Shields and myself, attended smoke cook training hosted and presented by Rick Naught of Apple Creek Timber, Inc of Edgewood, Wa on Friday evening and Saturday May 1 and 2.

The training was overseen by none other than David Klose of Kose Pit fame from Houston, Tx. Taking the class were 15 teams from around the area.

The host was very gracious, entertaining and informative and I think everyone had a good time in addition to learning a lot about good smoke technique. David Klose is a character to say the least and is very knowledgable about smoke cooking.

I think our next competition should see our team turning in better meat and scoring higher than ever.

Thanks to Rick Naught and David Klose.


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