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I have a few I frequent that relate to the different cookers I use like the eggheadforum, TVWBB, Big Drum Smokers, La Caja China and Cookshack but the BBQ-Brethren is my favorite Q hangout.

How about yours?

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I frequent "The BBQ Brethren" for the most part. I also like "The Virtual Weber Bulletin Board"...and on occasion the "Egghead" forum. This one is fast becoming one of my new favorite hangouts...thanks Bob!

I enjoy building Ugly Drum Smokers as's a pic of my current project...
Here is the link.
I have always been partial to :-)

The Mind of Men is a blog and podcast that offers a view inside the mind of the average guy. Mike and Jim welcome back Greg Rempe to discuss winter BBQ tips & more.
I like to watch JB's videos. I like his funny cajun humor, also simple cajun bbq recipes. Just a good ol boy that likes to cook.

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