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Many of us in the Northwest don't let the cold temperatures dampen our outdoor cooking adventures. Here are some tips you can use when cold weather barbecue.

The temperatures have plummeted, there are icicles hanging from the gutters, roofs are white with frost and snow. Hey! It’s definitely winter!
Why should that stop us from enjoying the challenges of cooking outdoors, even during the coldest months of the year?

“Winter- barbecuing” is growing in popularity, here in the Northwest. Here are some tips for getting the most out of your Polar Bear barbecuing experience:

1. Expect it to take longer for food to cook. The colder it is, the longer it will take for your grill to reach a proper cooking temperature, and maintain it.

2. Rule of thumb: Add 20 minutes to your cooking time for every 5 degrees below 45 degrees. Same thing is true if you’re a “peeker” Or as Tom Douglas told me add about 35% more cooking time.
who always opens their grill lid to see what’s happening inside.
Purchase a remote-probe thermometer for crying’ out loud!

3. Insulate your grill by using a 100% wool blanket folded over the lid of
your grill. CAUTION! Make darn sure you keep that blanket away from
open flame! Don’t expect to use the blanket for anything else after using it on your barbecue.

4. If you own a water smoker or kettle-type grill, you can always add
Boiling hot water to a water pan. This will help the raise the cooking
chamber temperature. However, you will need to replenish the water
frequently because it will cool down and evaporate.

5. Purchase foil backed insulation-with the fiberglass sandwiched between two sheets of foil. Wrap this around your grill. It will help to insulate it and keep the temperature up.

6. Add raw wood and unlit briquettes to your charcoal grill. This will help to increase the temperature some. Also, oak and mesquite woods do have a bit higher BTUs than other types of hardwood. You might want to use them to help increase your grill temperature.

7. Pull your grill inside your garage or other covered area. CAUTION! Make sure you have more than adequate ventilation to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning!

8. Bundle Up! Gloves, hats, a heavy warm jacket and appropriate footwear choices. If possible, limit the amount of time you spend outside tending your grill.

These are a few of the tips you can try to enhance your winter-BBQing adventures.
One of my favorite site has many more cold weather help ideas for you.

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