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Do you need a venders health permit for the competions?I look forward to this season. This is our first go at the comp. thing so it should be alot of fun. What is the first event You are going to compete in?I think we might try and do Pike place,Any thoughts on this? Thanks and look forward to seeing You at a cook off soon.. I have to start getting my cooking trailer together as soon as duck/waterfowl season closes.Thanks and I will talk to You soon... Derek (Iron Hog Backyard BBQ) P.S Got my banner made looks good

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To tell you the truth I am not sure how that is handled for vendors. Some of the events we are not allowed to give food to the public and events that teams can give out samples free or sell do have to have a food handlers card. Hope someone can answer this better then I can.
O.K got the food handlers card,My girlfriend owns a Diner here in Gold bar.It comes in handy. So for check in the arent asking for Health permits if You are just cooking for the event? Do I have that right? Just pay the fee, have meat inspected, and set up and Rock and roll. If thats it,Fire up the Cookers and lets roll. One more question,You all arent getting off that easy... Would You say for a first event The Pike Place one would be or not be a good choice?I do not mind setting the bar high. If it would be a good first event. How tough is it to get in to the event?Should We get register now or what?I will wait for a reply. Thanks Bruce and Bob look forward to seeing you all soon.
It has been my experience If you are cooking at a BBQ competition only for the judges and not serving the public you do not need a permit. However you being in the food business you know just how important it is to have a food workers cards and very strong understand of how to handle foods safely. After all judges and who every you want to share your food with are going to be eating what you prep and service. My personal feeling is that EVERYONE should take a food handlers class. And in competition cooking at least one person (if not everyone) on the team should have a valid food workers card.
Our teams dont have to down here the evenmt organizer does it

Click on image for link.

USDA Barbecue and Food Safety it is very important

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