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Would You say for a first event The Pike Place one would be or not be a good choice?I do not mind setting the bar high. If it would be a good first event. How tough is it to get in to the event?Should We get register now or what?I will wait for a reply. Thanks Bruce and Bob look forward to seeing you all soon.
Iron Hog BBQ
I think starting with something like Pacific NW BBQ Assoc. Spring Training would be a good event to start with. It is a one day event in Seattle. And takes place in May. More info to come.
ya just gots ta get out of the boat and walk on the water Brother
I will tell Jane about this and We will put it on the "List of things to do" Are any of You attending this event?What about Pike Place,if nothing else We will come down and watch the event,cant wait.Thom can I walk on the water? I quess I can try,might get wet at first,I will bring my waders:>)
I get soaked every time But we still get out of the boat
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